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Altcoin Surges by Around 260% After Getting Listed on Top Exchanges

Altcoin Surges by Around 260% After Getting Listed on Top Exchanges

A novel gaming token has seen a remarkable upswing, surging by an impressive 267% within the span of this week following its addition to several prominent cryptocurrency platforms.

Big Time (BIGTIME), a multiplayer action RPG game that recently initiated its preseason activities after years of extensive development, witnessed the debut of the BIGTIME token this week.

The token’s value escalated from roughly $0.0709 on Tuesday to approximately $0.26 at the time of writing. At one point on Thursday morning, it even momentarily reached a high of over $0.333.

The astounding surge in the token’s value can be attributed to its recent inclusion on a variety of well-regarded cryptocurrency exchanges. This included the addition of BIGTIME trading on Wednesday on OKX and Coinbase.

It’s worth noting that Coinbase has chosen to categorize this asset under its “Experimental Label,” a designation reserved for tokens that possess higher risk profiles and lower liquidity.

Additionally, on Thursday, the prominent global cryptocurrency exchange Binance unveiled the “USD-M BIGTIME Perpetual Contract,” allowing traders to leverage their investments up to 20 times while settling trades in the stablecoin USDT.

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The project’s official website underscores that the maximum issuance of BIGTIME tokens will be capped at 5 billion, with the majority of tokens slated to be generated by players actively participating in the game.

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