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America’s Debt Spiral: Robert Kiyosaki Raises Alarming Concerns

America’s Debt Spiral: Robert Kiyosaki Raises Alarming Concerns

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki recently highlighted concerns regarding America's financial landscape, drawing attention to the alarming increase in the country's debt.

In November, America’s national debt surged by a staggering $240 billion, with data from the U.S. Treasury revealing a sharp rise from $33.637 trillion on November 1st to $33.878 trillion by month-end, marking a substantial $2.46 trillion year-over-year increase.

During a discussion on Fox Business, Kiyosaki expressed apprehension about the nation’s economic trajectory. He pointed out a troubling trend of continuously printing more money, a practice he believes has historically led to the decline of empires.

Despite his admiration for the country, Kiyosaki voiced concerns over America’s fiscal stability, attributing it to the mounting debt burden.

The bestselling author, known for advocating alternative investments such as precious metals and Bitcoin as a hedge against currency devaluation, foresees a continued devaluation of cash. He believes that the U.S. government is unlikely to halt its money-printing practices anytime soon.

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Kiyosaki underscored the prevailing inflation and financial mismanagement as persistent issues. He highlighted the ongoing cycle of printing money to service debts, emphasizing the need to address the escalating debt crisis.

Kiyosaki stressed the urgency of implementing sustainable solutions rather than relying solely on continuous money printing to tackle the country’s financial challenges.

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