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Apple App Store Drops MetaMask: What Happened?

Apple App Store Drops MetaMask: What Happened?

The popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask, has recently disappeared from the Apple App Store without any official explanation.

Links to the app, including the one on MetaMask’s website, are no longer functional, and as of now, there has been no communication regarding why the crypto wallet was taken down from the App Store. It remains uncertain if MetaMask will make a return to the Apple App Store in the near future.

Interestingly, neither MetaMask executives nor Apple have issued any statements regarding this surprising turn of events. It’s worth noting that a similar situation occurred last year with Trust Wallet, a major competitor.

Trust Wallet was removed from the App Store in 2022, but in contrast to MetaMask’s quiet response, the Trust Wallet team promptly addressed the community’s concerns, leading to the reinstatement of Trust Wallet in the App Store.

In 2021, TokenPocket, another crypto wallet, faced removal from the App Store after a complaint from PayPal about its logo. In this instance, Apple provided an official announcement explaining the temporary removal, citing concerns about trademark compliance raised by PayPal.

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The disappearance of MetaMask from the Apple App Store may have significant consequences for the platform, as it is one of the most trusted self-custodial wallets in the industry, serving more than 30 million active users.

MetaMask recently introduced a feature allowing users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and some parts of Europe to easily convert their digital assets to fiat currency and transfer them to their bank accounts.

While many users can still access their mobile wallets on iPhones, the browser extension remains available for all users.

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