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Aptos (APT) Gaining Steam – Could the Altcoin Have More Potential Than Solana?

Aptos (APT) Gaining Steam – Could the Altcoin Have More Potential Than Solana?

L1 blockchain protocol Aptos (APT) is gaining some serious steam, quickly becoming one of the most well-performing altcoins in the crypto market.

According to Guy from Coin Bureau, Aptos will most likely become Ethereum’s (ETH) number one competitor, expecting APT and SOL to face “severe regulatory scrutiny” in the future.

He says that the two altcoins will have their fair share of selling pressure and will also experience regulatory scrutiny. For Aptos, it will be because it is the continuation of Facebook’s crypto project Libra that caused governments to panic worldwide. For Solana, it will be because it was the de facto exchange chain of FTX.

Talking about Aptos’ creators’ experience in software and marketing, Guy stated that:

“It’s hard to compare exactly what’s under the hood; I suppose the most important component is decentralization, in which case, Aptos takes the cake. The only problem is that the details about Aptos’ decentralization aren’t available, and Aptos is still much more centralized than the average crypto project.”

The popular crypto analyst also thinks Aptos has far worse tokenomics than Solana, although he still considers APT to have more potential than SOL in the future.

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“In sum, Solana has the edge over Aptos in the short term and possibly the medium term, notwithstanding some issues related to FTX and Alameda. In the longer term, it’s too soon to tell, but Aptos appears to be perfectly positioned to secure the partnerships needed for mass adoption. Solana, not so much.”

Price-wise, we haven’t seen any significant movement in the past 24 hours as both altcoins seem to be consolidating, with SOL trading at $23.30 and APT at $15.32

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