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Arbitrum: Price Surges 40% in The Past Week

Arbitrum: Price Surges 40% in The Past Week

According to Lookonchain, an unknown individual who purchased many ARB tokens on their first day of release has transferred all 9.94 million tokens, now worth $17 million, to Binance.

This transfer typically indicates a desire to sell, especially after the Arbitrum token’s price rose by 40% during the last seven days, making it the third most profitable cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, according to CoinMarketCap.

The individual, who made headlines on March 24 after purchasing 4.94 million ARB tokens for 3,700 ETH ($6.79 million) at an average price of $1.38, was the largest buyer of the Arbitrum token on its first day of trading.

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They received an additional 5 million ARB tokens worth $5.73 million from Binance on March 28, bringing their total holdings to 9.94 million ARB tokens valued at $11.33 million at the time.

It is unclear why the individual transferred all their ARB tokens to Binance, but the move has attracted attention from the cryptocurrency community.

Some believe the individual is looking to take profits following the recent price increase, while others speculate they have a long-term plan.

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