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Are Developers Losing Interest in Solana?

Are Developers Losing Interest in Solana?

Active Solana (SOL) developers have dropped by over 90% to 75 from around 2,500 - registered in January - according to Token Terminal data.

According to the data aggregator, developers within the Solana ecosystem peaked on January 9 at 2,453. Since then, the number has dropped dramatically.

Token Terminal defines an active developer based on an ecosystem by “the number of individual GitHub users who have made 1+ commits to GitHub project repositories in the last 30 days.”

Solana developers disagree with this

Solana ecosystem developers disagree with the aggregator data.

Superteam, a community of developers working on projects within the Solana ecosystem, tweeted, “This is incorrect to say the least. Yesterday more developers participated in our community conversation.”

Tuan Pham Min, a software engineer at Kyber Network, wrote:

“You only provide analysis with one closed data source.”

Other developers, such as Jac0xb, said:

“These figures are false. Ethereum only has 250 developers? Solana only has 75? Maybe you’re just confusing “active developers” with developers working on blockchain repos.”


Meanwhile, Solana’s official Twitter account wrote on November 10 that “Thousands of Solana developers develop thousands of programs used every day. 1,092 programs used on Solana on November 8 – near all-time high – and approximately >25,000 unique developers who wrote, deployed, and audited Solana programs.

Ethereum developers are at the forefront of other leading blockchain

Token Terminal’s data suggests more daily active developers on Ethereum than on any other blockchain network.

According to the data, there were 194 active developers on Ethereum (ETH) as of Dec. 16, while there were 143 on Cardano (ADA). Other networks with more than 100 developers daily include Polkadot (DOT), Internet Computer (ICP), Kusama (KSM) and Cosmos (ATOM). There were only 16 active daily developers on Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, reports revealed that the average monthly number of active unique Bitcoin Core  developers ranges between 40-60.

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