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Argentina President Backs Bitcoin Amid Currency Freedom Debate

Argentina President Backs Bitcoin Amid Currency Freedom Debate

In a recent exchange on X (formerly Twitter), Argentine President Javier Milei expressed his support for Bitcoin, emphasizing the freedom of currency competition in Argentina.

Milei stated that Argentina will allow free competition among currencies, including BTC.

Gurbacs appreciated Milei’s stance, but practical challenges were also raised. One user highlighted the difficulty in using Bitcoin due to regulatory issues, while another criticized the lack of a Bitcoin-only approach like El Salvador’s. BTC maximalist Max Keiser warned that allowing other cryptocurrencies could slow progress in Argentina.

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Misleading information has suggested Milei plans to adopt BTC as Argentina’s official currency, which is inaccurate. Milei’s administration focuses on dollarizing the Argentine economy, not adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. Recent meetings with local regulators and officials from El Salvador centered on self-custody rights and regulatory frameworks for crypto assets.

Argentina’s strategy includes strict regulations for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) to comply with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines. While Milei’s social media comments show a pro-BTC stance, they reflect a broader policy advocating economic freedom and regulatory caution, rather than a shift to a Bitcoin-dominated economy.

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