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Audius (AUDIO) Price Surges +20% after TikTok Integration

Audius (AUDIO) Price Surges +20% after TikTok Integration

Audius, a music streaming service that operates in a decentralized manner, has recently introduced support for TikTok, the popular video-sharing app.

This move has resulted in a surge in the value of the platform’s native cryptocurrency asset.

Audius has made it possible for new users to sign up on their platform using their TikTok profile. By linking their accounts, they can easily import their TikTok handle and verification status to Audius.

This development also allows TikTok users to share songs from Audius on their videos. If a user has a track on Audius that they would like to share with their TikTok followers, they can simply export a video with a visualizer and share it with their fans.

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According to Forrest Browning, Audius’ co-founder and chief product officer, the integration with TikTok will increase the exposure of the platform to a wider group of potential users as TikTok has grown into a social media giant in recent years.

As a result of these new features, the price of AUDIO has surged by 21.76% in the past 24 hours, and it is currently trading at $0.38 at the time of writing.

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