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Avalanche Records Almost $14M in 5-Day Inscription Fees

Avalanche Records Almost $14M in 5-Day Inscription Fees

Over five days, Avalanche users spent $13.8 million in fees for creating and moving tokens and NFTs via inscriptions, text added within regular blockchain transactions.

These inscription-based tokens were initially devised as a workaround for Bitcoin’s lack of native token support and have expanded to other blockchains due to their cost-effectiveness.

Avalanche saw a recent surge, with fees peaking at $5.6 million daily, marking 70% of tracked inscription fees across blockchains.

Avalanche had two periods of heightened inscription interest, notably seeing a significant rise in non-inscription transactions, leading to increased block space demand and rising transaction costs, exceeding 5,000 nAVAX on December 18.

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Despite a stable total count of inscriptions across blockchains, there’s been a sharp increase in unique addresses engaging in inscription-related activities, notably reaching 180,000 addresses on peak days.

In contrast to other validators, Avalanche validators don’t receive transaction fees; instead, these fees are burned.

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