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Bank of America: CBDC is the Evolution of Money

Bank of America: CBDC is the Evolution of Money

A team of analysts from Bank of America (BoA) identified central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and stablecoins as the natural evolution of money.

The analysts reportedly stress out that CBDCs could revolutionize global financial systems and may be the most significant technological advance in the history of money.

They believe CBDCs will change the way money is transferred over the next 15 years.

Furthermore, the team predicts that financial authorities and central banks will recognise the potential for greater efficiency and lower costs from using digital currencies.

The analysts acknowledge that CBDC may still pose risks of stimulating competition with bank deposits, promoting inequality between countries, and loss of monetary sovereignty.


They don’t think all countries will adopt these currencies within the next decade, but they did mention that central banks need to keep up with technological advancements or risk losing their “long-term relevance.”

Also, authorities of countries and central banks around the world can reportedly be expected to lean on the private sector to drive innovation in the CBDC and stablecoin space.

This is not the first time Bank of America has shared its optimistic view on the sector. Towards the middle of last year, BoA CEO Brian Moynihan said the bank had hundreds of patents on blockchain as a process, as a tool and as a technology, but that regulations were hindering any progress the institution was making in the crypto sector.

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