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Biden Administration to Host Major Bitcoin Strategy Roundtable

Biden Administration to Host Major Bitcoin Strategy Roundtable

Next month, U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna is planning to spearhead a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C., bringing together representatives from the Biden Administration, Congress and industry.

This meeting aims to discuss strategies aimed at maintaining Bitcoin and blockchain technologies as leading innovations in the United States.

The anticipated attendees will contain members of both houses of congress.The office describes it as an important platform for making decisions and geek creators DMing it as one of the most important meetings yet.

This event appears to be a reaction towards former President Donald Trump’s recent support for Bitcoin market.Trump has been receiving bitcoin lighting payments for his campaign contributions and claimed that he would reverse what he called “Joe Biden’s war on crypto,” promoting the future of Bitcoin and crypto in America. In Mar-a-Lago, Trump lately engaged with major US Bitcoin miners at a roundtable, thus further showing his commitment to this area.

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There seems to be policy change among many regarding their harsh stance against digital currencies by Joe Biden such as vetoing a bill that allowed financial institutions offer cryptographic custody services.As part of Biden’s campaign talks are now on-going for him to receive crypto donations through coinbase commerce which is just like what Trump did. Notably, Mark Cuban among others has criticized Gary Gensler SEC Chair approach to cryptocurrency regulation arguing that it might hurt Bidens appeal among younger voters who are more into cryptocurrencies.

This may indicate a new direction in which Democrats could be heading when it comes to approaching blockchain technology and cryptocurrency so that they can facilitate growth in this industry without any interference from continuous regulations.

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