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Big Changes Ahead: SHIB Embraces Next-Level Evolution

Big Changes Ahead: SHIB Embraces Next-Level Evolution

Shytoshi Kusama, a key Shiba Inu (SHIB) developer, advocates moving beyond memes and lore towards practical utility.

Teaming up with D3 Global, SHIB community members can now create .shib domains, laying the groundwork for a decentralized identity system.

Kusama emphasizes the need for tech standards to support global progress, prioritizing this shift for better adoption and more impactful token burns. The partnership with D3 Global will integrate shib name tokens into the Shib Name Service, enriching users’ Web3 experiences.

Users securing these domains will obtain .shib addresses, distinct from Ethereum’s system. This initiative enables full ownership of decentralized website and email addresses, setting apart from centralized .com domains like Netflix and Amazon.

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Kusama anticipates the partnership as a milestone for Shiba Inu’s journey. The move towards a decentralized internet aligns with Shibarium’s launch, a layer-2 Ethereum network experiencing a 50% surge in transactions.

The Manny Pacquiao Foundation’s adoption of Shibarium allows SHIB donations for events with automatic tax receipts. Amidst Bitcoin’s rally, the altcoin market has hit $700 billion, with BONK as the third-largest dog-themed memecoin after Dogecoin and SHIB, which has grown by 21.1% to $0.00001020 in a year.

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