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Binance Cofounder Yi He Warns of Fake Account Scam

Binance Cofounder Yi He Warns of Fake Account Scam

A scam involving a fake account that was pretending to be Binance cofounder Yi He has been brought to the attention of the crypto community.

This comes after a user was tricked into following a malicious link shared by the imposter and then lost 60 ETH in the process. She tweeted from her official X account, @heyibinance, affirming that this is her only legitimate social media profile and she only endorses Binance Coin (BNB).

The vigilance of the community is very important since scammers depend on personalities within the industry who have gained trust. In order to prevent scams like these from reoccurring, He encouraged all users to report suspicious accounts and activities.

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Following Yi He’s concerns, Binance Chinese warned its clients about being careful while online. They stated that it was essential to avoid clicking on unknown links or scanning unfamiliar QR codes as well as verify information on official channels rather than putting personal information and assets at risk.

This occurrence highlights how advanced internet frauds are growing thereby demanding continuous watchfulness in cryptocurrency arena. People need to ascertain facts before taking any actions.

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