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BitBoy Crypto Ends Partnership with Influencer Ben Armstrong Amidst Controversy

BitBoy Crypto Ends Partnership with Influencer Ben Armstrong Amidst Controversy

BitBoy Crypto has officially severed ties with prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong.

The decision was confirmed via BitBoy Crypto’s Twitter account, which stated that its parent company, BJ Investment Holdings, took legal action to remove Armstrong due to challenging and unverified personal allegations against him.

The Hit Network, overseen by BJ Investment Holdings, partners with diverse brands for content creation in areas like cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, gaming, music, and sports. BitBoy Crypto, a flagship brand under the Hit Network, holds significant popularity.

In response to the move, Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd explained that Armstrong’s removal aims to address the emotional, physical, and financial toll his actions have taken on Hit Network employees and the BitBoy Crypto community. Despite requests for comment, Armstrong has not responded to Decrypt’s inquiries.

A tweet from the BenCoin Twitter account, attributed to Armstrong, claimed a coup attempt within his company by TJ Shedd and Justin Williams, asserting its likely failure due to Armstrong’s irreplaceability.

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The news triggered diverse reactions across social media platforms. A YouTube livestream revealed discontent from viewers over Armstrong’s removal, urging for his return. Reddit’s response to the development was mixed, with celebratory and critical voices alike.

Armstrong faces additional legal troubles, including a class action lawsuit alongside other celebrities for allegedly promoting a defunct crypto exchange, FTX. The lawsuit escalated as Armstrong was accused of aggressive behavior, involving “daily violent threats” via phone and email, by the plaintiffs’ attorney.

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