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Bitcoin: Analyst Predicts New Highs Despite Recent Pullback

Bitcoin: Analyst Predicts New Highs Despite Recent Pullback

The anonymous analyst known as Credible is standing firm on a unique outlook that Bitcoin (BTC) and digital asset markets will reach new highs soon.

Credible has assured his Twitter followers, which number around 340,000, that the recent decline in BTC from $30,000 is just a normal correction and part of a long-term parabolic rally.

He believes that it’s common for pullbacks to occur while the value of BTC is going up and sees the current consolidation below $30,000 as an opportunity to build a base before rising. Based on his chart, he predicts that the value will reach about $45,000 by mid-July.

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Credible believes that some short-term alt pumps could occur before BTC starts its next leg if the value remains below $30,000.

Bitcoin is presently valued at $27,416. Credible’s prior prediction was that BTC will surpass six figures earlier than anyone expected.

Unlike the usual view that Bitcoin is in a long-term bear market or accumulation phase, Credible disagrees and thinks this rally will not end in the $30,000-$40,000 range.

He is confident that once BTC reclaims these levels, it will not hang around but will head for new all-time highs instead.

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