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Bitcoin and Ethereum Longs Beware: Analyst Forecasts Impending Downturn

Bitcoin and Ethereum Longs Beware: Analyst Forecasts Impending Downturn

A well-known crypto market analyst predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) could experience a significant downturn in the near future.

Justin Bennett, who has a sizable following on Twitter, suggests that BTC might undergo a sharp correction down to approximately $20,000.

Bennett’s reasoning is based on the market’s tendency to seek liquidity, indicating that BTC may need to pull back to clear out the accumulation of long positions at a key psychological level.

Bennett believes it’s only a matter of time before BTC revisits the $20,000 lows, regardless of whether it rallies to $30,000 or not.

He suggests that Bitcoin might rally higher first to liquidate traders who are betting on a correction, and he’s waiting for that opportunity to enter into a short position.

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Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) has also amassed long positions at around $1,000, and Bennett believes that ETH could pull back to liquidate those longs at the psychological level.

Bennett hints that long liquidations could accumulate at $1,000 ETH, indicating that a downward correction may occur. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin is priced at $28,439, and Ethereum is trading at $1,870.

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