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Bitcoin: Anonymous Whale Filled his Wallet With Over $300 Million

Bitcoin: Anonymous Whale Filled his Wallet With Over $300 Million

In the last few days, the crypto community witnessed its fair share of whale transactions.

One of the most significant activities that caught the attention of Santiment, the popular crypto analytics platform, was that of a Bitcoin whale who had 13,369 BTC transferred to his wallet.

The astonishing transfer amounts to over $313 million and it is the biggest transaction we have seen in the past month.

Less than two days ago an anonymous wallet transferred those 13,369 BTC to another anonymous wallet. The transaction in question led to much speculation among the crypto community as to where this newly acquired fortune comes from and who this person or entity could be.

During the weekend another big transaction occurred, when an Ethereum whale transferred 186,009 ETH (or around $310 million) from one anonymous wallet to another.

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Just a few hours later 5,278 BTC were moved from Gate.io to an anonymous wallet. This transaction amounted to around $123 million.

At the time of writing Bitcoin is holding steady above the $23,000 level as it enjoys a continued bullish trend, presumably due to the Federal Reserve’s decision on the interest rate.

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