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Bitcoin at a Crucial Crossroad: Will it Reach $33,000?

Bitcoin at a Crucial Crossroad: Will it Reach $33,000?

Popular crypto trader Justin Bennett Bitcoin (BTC) stated that is approaching a crucial point.

Bennett suggests that BTC can continue to rise as long as it remains above the $28,800 level.

He adds that BTC needs to hold above $28,800 and break a minor trend line at $29,900 to materialize.

Bennett has also commented that BTC’s position this weekend will be a “moment of truth,” and it needs to stay above the $28,800 mark to trend higher in May.

BTC could face a second deviation if it fails to hold this level on higher time frames.

Despite BTC closing above $28,800, Bennett has reservations about investing in it due to the total crypto market cap (TOTAL) remaining below the $1.2 trillion range.

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Bennett has shared that he is not comfortable longing the crypto at the moment due to mixed signals from TOTAL.

According to the analyst, BTC may reach mid-$33,000s with short liquidations up to that level.

At the time of writing BTC is trading at $29,280 after a 7.6% increase on the weekly chart.

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