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Bitcoin Circulation Drops to 13-Year Low

Bitcoin Circulation Drops to 13-Year Low

On-chain data suggests Bitcoin is no longer being used as electronic cash by its userbase as the token’s circulation has seen a steep drop.

CryptoQuant founder and CEO Ki Young Ju said on X that they had recently noted a slowdown in Bitcoin circulation. The main indicator under consideration is “Velocity”, and it shows us how fast the cryptocurrency moves around the market.

High-sped transactions would be the rule when the Velocity is super-fast. On the opposite, when the Velocity is very low indications are that the tokens are to be retained in addresses for a longer time.

The 2021 bull market saw Bitcoin Velocity increase manifold and the mid-2022 bear market event had the highest magnitude of Velocity.

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Bitcoin was then in weak momentum, after that, it was relatively quiet until the end of 2023. The Bitcoin’s present Velocity is at the lowest point in the fourteen years.

It’s been evident from the data that the circulation of Bitcoin had shrunk and thereby the crypto is not utilized much for transactions. It seems that Bitcoin is no more a simple form of peer-to-peer electronic cash, and is viewed now as” digital gold”.

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