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Bitcoin: Dormant Whale Wakes up After 10 Years

Bitcoin: Dormant Whale Wakes up After 10 Years

A dormant Bitcoin investor has recently made moves in the market. The individual transferred over 279 BTC worth $7.8 million to three new wallets after not touching their cryptocurrency for ten years.

This information was revealed through a tweet from Lookonchain, a blockchain tracker. The Bitcoin holder initially received 1,128 BTC in 2012 and 2013, when the prices were $12 and $195, respectively. As of now, this individual has a total of $31.6 million in BTC.

Lately, there has been an increase in the movement of old Bitcoin stashes. These investors, known as “whales”, who hold a significant amount of cryptocurrency, have been emerging after long periods of time to move their investments.

In February, an old BTC address that hadn’t been active in 11 years moved $9.6 million worth of cryptocurrency, which had appreciated by 120,000,000% over the years.

A report by Arkham Intelligence in February stated that data indicates Bitcoin investors are once again focusing on long-term gains, as over 53% of coins ever minted hadn’t moved for more than two years. According to the Bank for International Settlements research, Bitcoin whales are the most successful crypto investors.

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The study also shows that investors who hold onto their assets for longer periods tend to fare better than those who buy and sell in a short time frame.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading for approximately $27,300 and is still down by more than 60% from its ATH.

Despite this, the digital asset with the largest market capitalization has seen a massive rise this year, starting at under $17,000 in January and peaking at $30,000 last week.

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