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Bitcoin Fees Soar in November: Digital Inscriptions Drive Surge

Bitcoin Fees Soar in November: Digital Inscriptions Drive Surge

In November, Bitcoin's network underwent a remarkable surge in transaction fees due to a heightened demand for incorporating data into the blockchain.

According to CryptoFees.info data, BTC transaction fees surged from an initial $779,549 to a staggering peak of $11.63 million on November 17th, marking an unprecedented 1,391% increase.

Although there’s been a slight pullback, the fees are currently around $11.559 million.

Bitcoin users have been leveraging the ability to embed digital assets, such as images and videos, into individual units of BTC known as satoshis, thereby creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the network.

Data analysis from Dune Analytics highlights the dominance of these digital embeddings in BTC transactions during November.

Dune Analytics reports that a significant majority of BTC transactions in November involved digital embeddings, especially those integrating text onto satoshis, the smallest denomination within the cryptocurrency.

The recorded data shows a substantial count of 41,666,862 digital inscriptions so far, generating fees equivalent to 2,809.5313 in BTC, valued at $102,901 million at the time of reporting.

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In recent market analysis, prominent crypto analyst The Flow Horse expressed positive sentiments regarding Ordinals (ORDI), the token associated with BTC’s digital embedding protocol. The analyst suggested a promising outlook for ORDI:

“[ORDI] seems poised for further growth. Its strength is evident as it breaks out from its initial consolidation phase, showing no signs of overheating.”

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