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Bitcoin Mining: Nuclear-Powered Facility in US Achieves Impressive Results

Bitcoin Mining: Nuclear-Powered Facility in US Achieves Impressive Results

TeraWulf, a cryptocurrency mining company, has launched Nautilus, the first 100% nuclear-powered Bitcoin (BTC) mining facility in the United States.

The facility, located in Pennsylvania, has already recorded impressive results since its launch.

According to a press release from April 6, Nautilus had approximately 9,200 energized miners in March, contributing to TeraWulf’s average monthly operating hash rate of 3 EH/s. This represents a 50% increase compared to February.

In addition to Nautilus, TeraWulf operates another New York mining facility called Lake Mariner. Together, the two facilities produced an average of 7.5 BTC per day and self-mined 233 Bitcoin in March, which equates to about $6.49 million worth of Bitcoin produced in a single month.

Both Nautilus and Lake Mariner rely largely on hydro and nuclear power, with 91% of the energy used being zero-carbon.

TeraWulf aims to raise mining capacity to 5.5 EH/s in Q2 and plans to add 50 MW of capacity for each mining facility.

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The Chief Strategy Officer at TeraWulf, Kerri Langlais, stated that the company plans to quickly ramp up 50 MW of zero-carbon capacity at the Nautilus facility, with construction also continuing at Lake Mariner.

Nautilus was announced in August 2021 as a joint project between TeraWulf and Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of Talen Energy.

The success of both mining facilities challenges the criticism of Proof-of-Work technology, used for mining digital assets like Bitcoin, as a danger to the environment and climate due to carbon emissions.

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