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Blockchain Gaming Surges: DappRadar Reports Million-User Milestone

Blockchain Gaming Surges: DappRadar Reports Million-User Milestone

Recent data released by DappRadar sheds light on a substantial upswing within the blockchain gaming sector during the previous month.

As per their latest analysis, October witnessed an impressive surge in daily unique active wallets (dAUW), surpassing the one-million mark. This surge amounted to a notable 16% increase in comparison to the previous month’s figures.

Of particular note was the dominance of gaming activities, which accounted for 33% of total industry participation. This overshadowed the percentages held by DeFi at 19% NFT at 14%.

Leading the pack among gaming blockchains was WAXP, which maintained its position with 406,030 dAUW, registering an 8% hike from September. NEAR Protocol followed closely, exhibiting a remarkable 34% surge to reach 229,603 dAUW, positioning itself as a strong rival to Ethereum.

An intriguing development emerged with Celo (CELO), amid its transition to an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. The platform observed a staggering 538% surge in dAUW, propelling it to third place on the leaderboard with 198,165 daily unique active wallets.

DappRadar attributed this substantial growth to the success of their recent game launch, BLCR (Battle Left Center Right).

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Additionally, DappRadar highlighted a significant influx of investment, amounting to $154 million, directed towards Web3 gaming projects. The platform emphasized a noticeable trend over the past three months, with substantial focus directed toward infrastructure investments within web3 gaming studios.

This trend is anticipated to pave the way for the emergence of top-tier games within the blockchain domain.

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