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BLUR Token Officially Listed on Binance

BLUR Token Officially Listed on Binance

Top crypto exchange Binance has set the stage for a new addition to its trading roster: the BLUR cryptocurrency token.

The announcement, freshly unveiled on November 23, brings news of upcoming BLUR token trading pairs on the platform.

This revelation has stirred immense interest among traders and investors, owing to the remarkable surge in BLUR’s market value witnessed recently.

Scheduled to kick off on November 24 at 09:00 UTC, the BLUR token will be up for trading, offering users specific spot trading pairs like BLUR/BTC, BLUR/USDT, and BLUR/TRY. Users are encouraged to make BLUR deposits in readiness for the trading debut.

Withdrawals for BLUR will commence on November 25 at 06:00 UTC. Notably, Binance has opted not to impose any listing fees for the Blur token. Moreover, within 48 hours of BLUR trading inception, Binance plans to introduce BLUR/USD as a fresh margin pair for borrowing on Isolated Margin.

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A distinctive Seed Tag will accompany the BLUR token, signifying its comparatively higher volatility and associated risks in comparison to other listings.

Binance’s decision to integrate the BLUR token into its platform appears to align with the recent surge in its value, capturing the attention and speculation of the cryptocurrency market.

Subsequent to these developments, Blur has emerged as a leading NFT lending protocol within the expanding NFT market landscape.

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