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BRICS Explores New Export Currency in 2024

BRICS Explores New Export Currency in 2024

The BRICS nations are poised to engage in discussions aimed at introducing a novel settlement currency for facilitating international trade and exports.

This initiative has received confirmation from Brazil’s President, Luiz Lula da Silva. The primary objective of this currency is to facilitate cross-border remittances among member countries, thus reducing dependence on the U.S. dollar.

President Lula da Silva has indicated that the Finance Ministers from BRICS member states will initiate deliberations concerning this settlement currency.

He articulated, “We have reached an understanding that our finance ministers will embark on these discussions in the upcoming year, with the intention of reaching a consensus on the establishment of an accounting currency for exports before our next meeting.”

Consequently, this new BRICS settlement currency could materialize by the time of the 2024 summit in Russia. Importantly, President Lula da Silva emphasized that the creation of this currency is not intended to undermine the U.S. dollar, stating, “It is not a move against the dollar; it is aligned with the interests of Brazil and its currency, the real.”

Should BRICS adopt this new currency for trade settlement, it could naturally lead to a diminished reliance on the U.S. dollar. BRICS, which now encompasses 11 member nations, features major oil-producing countries among its ranks.

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If emerging economies begin to utilize this forthcoming currency for oil transactions, it could pose challenges for the U.S. dollar in funding its fiscal deficit.

Consequently, the global trade landscape may experience a substantial realignment, with repercussions for the Western world.

This endeavor has the potential to reconfigure the prevailing global financial order, potentially shifting influence from the West to the East. In summary, the year 2024 could prove pivotal for the future prospects of the U.S. dollar as the introduction of a new BRICS currency looms on the horizon.

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