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Captain Tsubasa Launches NFT Soccer Game on Oasys Blockchain

Captain Tsubasa Launches NFT Soccer Game on Oasys Blockchain

Captain Tsubasa, the beloved manga and anime series, has launched its NFT soccer game on the Oasys blockchain, a platform dedicated to Web3 gaming.

The game, developed by Mint Town and Blocksmith, allows players to collect NFTs of characters from the original series and engage in various modes such as Rival, PvP, and Arena.

Mint Town CEO Hiroshi Kunimitsu highlights the integration with Oasys blockchain as a new way for fans to experience the iconic story, showcasing the potential of blockchain in interactive entertainment.

Originally published in 1981, Captain Tsubasa has seen numerous adaptations and sold over 90 million copies worldwide by 2023.

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To mark its launch on Oasys, Genesis NFTs will feature special enhancements like increased energy points.

Additionally, GameFi studios, including Immutable and Pixels, are gaining momentum with the release of Guild of Guardians and the surge in daily active players and token revenue for Pixels following its migration to the Ronin blockchain.

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