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Cardano Empowers Users with ‘Ballot’ Voting System

Cardano Empowers Users with ‘Ballot’ Voting System

Charles Hoskinson, a key figure behind Ethereum and Cardano, introduced the Cardano Ballot, a pioneering voting tool for deciding on the Cardano Improvement Proposal CIP-1694.

This mechanism involves a snapshot on November 21 and a voting window from December 11 to December 16.

The Ballot aims to gather input from the Cardano community, assessing their views on the platform’s journey toward self-sufficiency. Developed collaboratively by the Cardano Foundation, Intersect, and Input Output Global, it signifies a crucial step toward Cardano’s self-governance.

Participation requires staking Cardano (ADA) by November 20. Users of non-hardware wallets can share feedback via a form, while hardware wallet users can vote later.

Results, expected by December 16, will significantly impact 2024’s development and governance plans. Hoskinson sees the Ballot as a foundation for gauging community sentiment on key decisions like hard forks and treasury management, aiming for Cardano’s autonomy from Input Output Global.

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Cardano’s recent adoption peaked at 32.3% in November, holding above 30% for five days. The token’s current value is $0.356. Hoskinson praised the Cardano Foundation’s work, and data reflects the community’s high activity.

The Cardano Foundation also introduced ‘Ledger Sync’ to simplify blockchain data access for developers, using Java programming to enhance data retrieval from Cardano’s transaction blocks.

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