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Cardano Takes a Step Closer to Scaling with ZK-rollups on the Horizon

Cardano Takes a Step Closer to Scaling with ZK-rollups on the Horizon

CEO Charles Hoskinson has hinted at the upcoming deployment of ZK-rollups on the Cardano blockchain.

During a Q&A session, Hoskinson was asked about the lack of discussion surrounding the scaling solution. He revealed that the technology will be incorporated into the Midnight sidechain but did not provide further details.

ZK-rollups are a technology that validates transactions using zero-knowledge proof, then batches them into a single transaction that the main chain can verify using a SNARK.

This process reduces the load on the main chain and improves transaction speed. Ethereum commonly uses ZK-rollups for L2 scaling solutions.

One of the benefits of ZK-rollups is that zero-knowledge proof enables the sender to prove something without sharing sensitive information with the receiver.

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This technology provides higher throughput, better security, and privacy features to blockchain networks like Ethereum and, soon, Cardano.

Hoskinson’s comments suggest that Cardano will use ZK-rollups in Midnight to authenticate private data securely rather than for scaling.

Midnight is a Cardano sidechain that prioritizes data protection for developers and users. Hoskinson mentioned that more information will be revealed at a later date.

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