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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Hints at Game-Changing Upgrade

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Hints at Game-Changing Upgrade

Charles Hoskinson, the mind behind Cardano, has revealed some exciting news that could shake up ADA's value in the near future.

Hoskinson hinted that June might see the long-awaited upgrade to Cardano Node 9.0. After years of hard work from the protocol’s development teams, including the Chang Hard Fork and other upgrades, things seem ready to roll.

The key now is getting 70% of the protocol’s Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) to adopt the new node. Hoskinson believes this move will push Cardano into what he’s calling the “Age of Voltaire” through a significant hard fork.

Despite facing criticism, particularly about centralization, the Cardano ecosystem has stood firm, focusing on advancing its governance structure. Hoskinson sees this upcoming hard fork as a huge leap forward, signaling a new era of unparalleled decentralized governance.

“This is a game-changer for Cardano and the blockchain industry. We envision Cardano becoming a decentralized global hub, empowered by the most sophisticated governance system ever,” Hoskinson remarked.

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The development of the Cardano Chang hard fork has been a decade in the making. Should it succeed, Hoskinson believes it will set the stage for significant progress in the coming decade.

As the community digests this significant update, many are keen to know how it will affect ADA’s price.

With the Cardano hard fork on the horizon, investors are hopeful for a shift in ADA’s trajectory. Anticipating increased demand due to interest in the new governance system, they believe this could propel ADA to new heights.

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