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Coinbase Donates $3.6M to Brink for Bitcoin Development

Coinbase Donates $3.6M to Brink for Bitcoin Development

Coinbase has pledged $3.6 million to Brink, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing Bitcoin.

This contribution comes as Coinbase concludes its operations with GiveCrypto, a program focused on distributing cryptocurrency to individuals in need.

The decision to wind down GiveCrypto was announced in December, citing challenges in sustaining long-term impact.

In light of this, Coinbase opted to allocate the remaining funds to Brink, along with another charitable platform called GiveDirectly, without specifying the exact distribution.

Established in 2020, Brink focuses on enhancing the Bitcoin protocol through various avenues such as research, development, and support for the Bitcoin developer community.

Brink intends to utilize the donated funds to directly aid its grantees, who are actively engaged in enhancing the Bitcoin codebase. Mike Schmidt, co-founder of Brink, expressed enthusiasm about receiving one of the largest contributions from a major industry player like Coinbase.

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He emphasized the significance of these funds in furthering Brink’s mission of bolstering the Bitcoin developer ecosystem through financial support, educational efforts, and mentorship.

Previously, in June 2023, Brink secured $5 million from Jack Dorsey’s Smart Small funding initiative to bolster independent Bitcoin developers through grant programs. Additionally, in January 2024, investment firm VanEck committed to contributing 5% of its spot bitcoin ETF profits to support Brink’s endeavors.

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