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Crypto Analyst Warns of Impending 40% Altcoin Crash Against Bitcoin

Crypto Analyst Warns of Impending 40% Altcoin Crash Against Bitcoin

Renowned crypto influencer and founder of IntoTheCryptoverse, Benjamin Cowen, recently cautioned cryptocurrency investors about a potential significant downturn for altcoins in relation to Bitcoin (BTC).

Cowen drew attention to a worrisome resemblance between the current valuation of altcoins against BTC and a similar situation observed in July 2019.

In a tweet, Cowen shared a chart depicting the Total 3 index, which encompasses all cryptocurrencies, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum, compared to BTC. The chart reveals an approaching critical support level that bears a resemblance to a past event in 2019.

Despite the concerning outlook, Cowen clarified that occasional rebounds in altcoin-to-BTC pairs should not be disregarded. He emphasized the stochastic nature of market movements and maintained that intermittent recoveries should not undermine the broader macro thesis regarding the altcoin-to-BTC ratio.

Is it solely a downward trend? A follower of Cowen pointed out that Bitcoin itself experienced a decline during the same period in 2019. Acknowledging this observation, Cowen reinforced his stance by noting that while BTC may face a decline in the latter half of 2023, altcoins could experience an even more substantial drop.

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He emphasized that ALT-to-BTC pairs will likely face significant downward pressure, regardless of short-term fluctuations in BTC to USD.

This warning emerges during heightened volatility in the cryptocurrency market, with market participants closely monitoring the movements of Bitcoin and altcoins.

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