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Crypto Industry Sees Surge in Funding with LayerZero and M^Zero Labs at the Helm

Crypto Industry Sees Surge in Funding with LayerZero and M^Zero Labs at the Helm

This week saw an increase in fundraising for startups in the cryptocurrency industry.

A total of 18 companies raised around $251 million, slightly up from last week’s $227 million.

One of the largest raises was by LayerZero, a protocol for cross-chain interoperability, which secured $120 million in its Series B round.

This garnered the company a valuation of $3 billion, with notable investors including a16z, Christie’s, Sequoia Capital, and OpenSea Ventures.

LayerZero is focused on messaging protocols for decentralized applications and has expressed interest in the gaming industry, where cross-chain messaging is becoming increasingly important for distributing digital assets.

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M^Zero Labs also announced a seed round of $22.5 million led by Pantera Capital, with additional funds from Road Capital and AirTree Ventures, among others.

The company’s website states its intention to provide a decentralized governance platform for permissionless token creation.

Founder and CEO Luca Prosperi described the product as a “neutral financial infrastructure” built on top of Ethereum in a Twitter thread.

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