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Crime and Investigations

Crypto Investment CEO Admits Deceptive Trading Scheme

Crypto Investment CEO Admits Deceptive Trading Scheme

The former CEO of a crypto-oriented investment firm, known for its algorithmic trading prowess in the realm of digital asset futures, has admitted to a cunning financial deception.

Peter Kambolin, the mastermind behind Systematic Alpha Management LLC (SAM), recently revealed his involvement in a clandestine scheme during his tenure as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator from January 2019 to November 2021.

This artful operation is commonly referred to as “cherry-picking” in financial circles, where profitable trades are allocated selectively while less favorable ones are quietly offloaded.

According to the keen investigators at the US Department of Justice, Kambolin strategically executed advantageous trades for his own accounts, skillfully maneuvering to shift losses onto his clients. Intriguingly, the Florida-based Russian national had touted SAM’s expertise in crypto futures and foreign exchange futures, neglecting to mention that a significant portion of the firm’s trades involved equity index futures.

Adding an intriguing layer, Kambolin used the proceeds of this covert scheme to enrich himself and made surreptitious transfers to foreign bank accounts controlled by shadowy figures in Belarus and Dominica.

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Acting Assistant Attorney General Nicole M. Argentieri of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division commented on the matter, stating:

“This admission serves as a stark reminder that the Justice Department remains vigilant in its oversight of financial advisros who prioritize their self-interest over their clients, especially when they engage in cherry-picking trades. It further highlights our dedication to leveraging data analytics to uncover financial market misconduct.”

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