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Crypto Markets Poised for Bullish Rebound, Says One River CEO

Crypto Markets Poised for Bullish Rebound, Says One River CEO

In a Bankless podcast interview, Eric Peters, the CEO, and CIO of One River Management, recently spoke about his positive outlook on the crypto markets.

Despite the rough bear market triggered by tighter macro conditions, Peters believes that the worst of it is likely behind us, and a strong bullish rebound is on the horizon.

Peters cites institutional adoption and new use cases for crypto and blockchain technology as the driving forces behind this upcoming phase.

He believes that the next phase will be very powerful and will finally have real institutional adoption in investments and technologies.

Peters says he is already seeing signs that the crypto markets are moving in a new direction as the Federal Reserve appears to be slowing down its rate hike cycle. He notes that the foot on crypto’s neck is easing off, creating a more favorable environment for crypto.

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Despite remaining uncertainties, such as unresolved global issues, Peters is optimistic about the medium-to-long-term prospects of crypto.

He believes that the current stage is a transition year where good things could happen, and there is a range of wildcards. Peters is open-minded about the possibility of sustained bull markets and thinks that the crypto markets have gone through all the crypto-specific problems and the dramatic rate hike part of the cycle.

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