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Crypto Platform Eureka Trading Offers $3 Million Reward for Stolen Funds Recovery

Crypto Platform Eureka Trading Offers $3 Million Reward for Stolen Funds Recovery

Eureka Trading, a crypto trading platform specializing in financial derivatives, has offered a bounty exceeding $3 million to retrieve stolen cryptocurrency.

The founder disclosed that the platform suffered a $15 million loss due to a private key leak and subsequent crypto hack. This move aligns with the trend among crypto platforms to incentivize the recovery of lost funds through bounties.

In recent weeks, hackers have returned funds after negotiation, and some have even apologized for their actions. The $3 million bounty offered by Eureka Trading may increase based on the assistance provided.

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The platform claims to have over $500 million in assets under management and a monthly turnover of over $50 billion.

Additionally, NFT hacks and exploits are becoming more prevalent, with bad actors often using phishing attacks on social media to compromise wallets and obtain valuable NFTs.

The trend of offering financial incentives for recovering lost funds is gaining popularity among crypto platforms, with Eureka Trading being the latest platform to offer a bounty.

The hack on Eureka Trading is one of the many incidents this year, with hackers stealing over $320 million in Q1 2023 alone.

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