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Crypto Whales Make Waves: Massive Moves in LINK and ETH Markets

Crypto Whales Make Waves: Massive Moves in LINK and ETH Markets

Recent data has shed light on a significant player in the crypto market, demonstrating substantial moves detected by on-chain trackers.

Lookonchain, a platform specializing in monitoring blockchain activities, revealed the actions of an influential investor who, over the last couple of months, strategically amassed a substantial 11 million LINK tokens.

This accumulation was spread across an intricate network of 81 different wallets.

The investor recently executed a strategic move, transferring a sizable portion—specifically 1.92 million LINK, valued at around $27.8 million—to the well-known crypto exchange, Binance.

The maneuver appears to aim for a significant gain, estimated at about $14 million post-sale.

Considering the recent deposit on Binance, the total value of the investor’s holdings has surged to an estimated $158.1 million, marking a substantial leap from the initial $80 million investment.

Meanwhile, Lookonchain’s data also spotlighted another major player, this time in the Ethereum (ETH) market.

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This investor entered the scene earlier this month during a trading phase where Ethereum was hovering around $1,800. Subsequently, this investor made a notable sale as the price of ETH surpassed the $2,000 mark.

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