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Crypto Whales Make Waves With Transfers of Around $1.4 Billion

Crypto Whales Make Waves With Transfers of Around $1.4 Billion

Whale Alert, a blockchain-tracking platform, has reported large transfers of digital assets worth over a billion dollars by wealthy investors. The transfers include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Polygon (MATIC).

Bitcoin has seen the largest transfer, with 46,900 BTC worth approximately $1.035 billion moved in eleven separate transactions. The largest transactions were done from one anonymous wallet to another.

Ethereum has also seen movement, with whales transferring 120,304 ETH worth over $188.5 million in two transactions. One of these transfers was made to Coinbase, while the other was to an unknown wallet.

XRP has been transferred in two transactions worth approximately $26.9 million. In one of the transfers, the XRP came from the Bitso exchange to an unknown wallet, while in the other, it went to the Bitstamp exchange from an unknown wallet. An additional transaction worth $58 million saw one anonymous wallet sending 150,000,000 XRP to another. Around 13 hours ago an unknown wallet sent over 58 million XRP to Bitstamp.

Polygon (MATIC) has also seen activity, with a transfer of $6.8 million worth of the native token to Coinbase yesterday and another transfer of MATIC worth a little over $5 million to FalconX, both from unknown wallets. Today, March 9, Polygon whales transferred over $90.5 million worth of MATIC.

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The total for all of these transactions is a around $1.4 billion. To see all of them you can visit Whale Alert’s Twitter profile.

These large transfers by crypto whales may indicate significant activity in the digital asset market, potentially influencing prices and market trends.

The use of unknown wallets may also suggest attempts to maintain privacy and anonymity. However, the reasons behind these transfers remain unknown.

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