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Cryptocurrency Market to Welcome 1 Billion Users, According to Raoul Pal

Cryptocurrency Market to Welcome 1 Billion Users, According to Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision and a former Goldman Sachs executive, is optimistic about the cryptocurrency market's future.

In an “ask me anything” session, Pal discussed the potential for crypto to reach a billion or more users during the next bull run.

He believes that an inevitable wave of liquidity will support risk-on assets, including crypto, which will trigger a surge in capital and new innovations that attract the next batch of users.

Pal notes that the crypto market has already attracted significant investment, which will accelerate its growth. Pal foresees a rise in the crypto market, with the number of users increasing from 300 million to over a billion in this cycle.

He expects to see new applications and use cases emerge, including digital identity, Web3, DeFi, and NFT-based ticketing.

While there may be brief interruptions or retractions, Pal remains optimistic about the potential for the cryptocurrency market to expand.

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According to Pal, it’s probable that the Federal Reserve has already completed its efforts to increase interest rates to tackle inflation.

Pal foresees an upcoming economic downturn that will compel the Fed to switch gears and create additional currency to stimulate the economy. Consequently, this will further grow the cryptocurrency market until the pace of transactions begins to decline.

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