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Curve and Digiseq Team up to Turn Fashion Into Contactless Payments

Curve and Digiseq Team up to Turn Fashion Into Contactless Payments

Curve, a financial super-app with four million customers across 31 European countries, has announced a new partnership with wearable payments company Digiseq.

The collaboration will enable Curve’s customers to make contactless payments through various fashion items such as bracelets, rings, and clothing. With Digiseq’s mobile personalization technology, customers can securely link their payment account to their wearable using their Android or iOS smartphone.

Digiseq’s ground-breaking mobile personalization technology enables any passive item, without a battery, such as a ring or item of clothing, to be inserted with a chip and transformed into a contactless payment device. This innovative solution can provide banks, payment service providers, and other businesses with new use cases to drive up contactless transaction volumes and boost interchange revenues.

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This is made possible through Digiseq’s Manage-Mii app, which can activate the wearable item in seconds. According to Shachar Bialick, the founder and CEO of Curve, this partnership will help the company become the most consumer-centric financial tool in anyone’s wallet or even on their clothing.

The partnership between Digiseq and Curve comes at an exciting time for wearables as they break into the mainstream market, with consumer brands seeking to deepen connections to their customers and incentivize more transactions.

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