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December’s Crypto Buzz: Unveiling Token Unlocks & Airdrops

December’s Crypto Buzz: Unveiling Token Unlocks & Airdrops

As the year nears its end, the crypto realm braces for a flurry of token releases from various projects. A peek into the anticipated unlocks and airdrops for December, sourced from TokenUnlocks data, reveals an intriguing lineup.

Topping the list is the decentralized exchange dYdX, slated to unleash a staggering 150 million tokens—equivalent to 30% of its token reserves for investors, founders, and current/future staff—when the clock strikes midnight on December 1, UTC.

dYdX witnessed a surge in its market value following its announcement on January 25 that the planned February token unlock would undergo a delay, pushing the event to December. However, the exchange recently took a substantial $9 million hit to its insurance fund, termed by its CEO as a “targeted attack.”

In the upcoming week, noteworthy unlocks include Optimism, unlocking 32.21 million tokens valued at $58 million on November 29, and 1inch, slated to release 98.74 million tokens worth $34.5 million on December 1, as per TokenUnlocks.

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Adding to the mix of significant unlocks, Aptos is set to unleash 24.84 million tokens valued at $180 million on December 12, while ApeCoin plans to release 15.16 million tokens worth $25 million on December 16.

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