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Deutsche Börse Invests € 8 Million in Innovative Data Management Software

Deutsche Börse Invests € 8 Million in Innovative Data Management Software

Next Gate Tech has secured €8 million in funding from Deutsche Börse's corporate venture capital unit for its data management software designed for the funds' industry.

This funding round follows Deutsche Börse’s acquisition of Kneip, a Luxembourg-based fund data manager that has an existing commercial relationship with Next Gate Tech.

Next Gate Tech’s platform aggregates data from multiple sources to create a “golden copy”. It generates various calculations to oversee delegates, analyze investment behaviors, compare performance, and generate risk-based metrics.

Enrique Sacau, CEO of Kneip, will join the Next Gate Tech board following the investment. He said that the investment by Deutsche Börse Group cements the partnership between the two companies and aims to deliver exceptionally high-quality data and provide greater coverage of their value chain to clients.

Christoph Osburg from DB1 Ventures added that Next Gate Tech’s offerings align with their investment thesis and are looking to foster long-term partnerships.

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Next Gate Tech’s funding round also received contributions from current investors, including NewAlpha Asset Management, Volta Ventures, Expon Capital, and Seed. Davide Martucci, the CEO of Next Gate Tech, expressed appreciation for the support from both new and existing investors.

Martucci stated that the newly acquired funds would be used to improve Next Gate Tech’s products and services while expanding the company’s reach to new markets. The London and Luxembourg-based company’s clientele includes wealth managers, asset managers, and family offices.

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