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Dogecoin Developer Announces Blockchain Upgrade

Dogecoin Developer Announces Blockchain Upgrade

The popular meme asset Dogecoin (DOGE) is set to receive significant updates to its blockchain in the near future, as a core developer of the cryptocurrency has revealed.

Michi Lumin, the DOGE developer, recently announced on Twitter that various changes are coming to the project, including support for QR codes, other languages, message signing, and Windows builds.

Language support

One of the key aspects of the upgrade is the addition of language support for developers and non-developers. According to Lumin, the upgraded version of Libdogecoin now supports the generation of seed phrases in many different languages, which can be used to generate mnemonic phrases.

Including this feature will make it easier for non-developers to participate in the DOGE ecosystem while providing developers with a greater range of tools and resources.

QR codes and message signing

Another significant addition to the Dogecoin blockchain is the ability to support image-generating QR codes and message signing. With Libdogecoin now able to generate QR codes on the fly in text, jpeg, and png formats without any additional libraries, developers can create more engaging and interactive applications using DOGE.

Additionally, message+transaction signing and verification will now be possible, allowing for greater security and transaction flexibility.

Windows builds

For developers working on the Windows platform, the new upgrade will include the ability for libdogecoin to be “ready-to-build” once loaded into MS Visual Studio. This will streamline the development process for those working on Windows machines, making it easier to get started and build DOGE applications.

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Persistent problem fixes

Finally, the upgrade includes fixes to many persistent problems developers may have encountered when building on the meme asset. These fixes include memory integrity checks, truncation fixes, and length checks for edge cases. With these fixes in place, developers can work more effectively and efficiently with the DOGE blockchain, creating new and innovative applications that take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Overall, the new upgrades to the DOGE blockchain are set to make development on the protocol much more accessible, with a range of new features and fixes designed to provide developers with more resources and tools.

With the DOGE community continuing to grow and evolve, these upgrades will help to ensure that the meme asset remains a vibrant and dynamic part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem for years to come.

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