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Donald Trump: CBDCs and AI Raise Privacy Red Flag

Donald Trump: CBDCs and AI Raise Privacy Red Flag

Former US President Donald Trump, in a recent exclusive interview on Fox's Sunday Morning Futures, articulated his reservations regarding the trajectory of two significant technological advancements: central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Amidst speculation about his potential candidacy for the 2024 Republican ticket, Trump delved into the potential risks associated with these innovations.

Trump voiced apprehensions about the rise of CBDCs, cautioning against the looming specter of heightened governmental surveillance and control over individual financial transactions. He went on to characterize CBDCs as potentially “very dangerous,” expressing concerns that these digital currencies could serve as a conduit for governmental overreach, compromising personal freedoms. Trump’s critique extended to envision scenarios where government entities could gain unprecedented access to and withdraw funds from individuals’ accounts without prior notice, raising fundamental questions about privacy and financial autonomy.

In his discussion on artificial intelligence, Trump painted a vivid picture of AI as “the most dangerous thing out there.” Drawing from personal experience, he recounted encountering a deepfake video that convincingly portrayed him, underscoring the capacity of AI to generate deceptive and realistic content.

Trump emphasized the urgency of regulatory measures to guide the development of AI, aiming to prevent potential misuse and address concerns related to security, privacy, and the disruptive potential of technological advancements.

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As the former president’s remarks reverberate in public discourse, they have sparked a broader conversation on the intersection of technology, privacy, and governance. With the 2024 election on the horizon, these issues are expected to take center stage, prompting political candidates to clarify their positions on striking a balance between technological innovation and regulatory safeguards, as well as ensuring the protection of individual liberties in an increasingly digitized landscape.

Trump’s insights are serving as a catalyst for a nuanced exploration of our digital future, engaging stakeholders from policymakers and technologists to the general public in vital conversations about the evolving technological landscape.

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