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Empowering Developers: Alchemy’s New Tool Aims to Bring Web3 to One Billion People

Empowering Developers: Alchemy’s New Tool Aims to Bring Web3 to One Billion People

The blockchain industry aims to achieve mass adoption, but bringing the masses to Web3 has a steep learning curve.

Alchemy’s new Create Web3 Dapp (CW3D) platform hopes to facilitate the adoption of decentralized technologies by empowering developers.

Alchemy’s Product Manager, Elan Halpern, stated that the company’s mission is to bring Web3 to one billion people, starting with getting developers excited about creating products that people will use. Alchemy, described as the AWS of blockchain, builds applications across several chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Alchemy raised $250 million in Series C funding in 2021 and acquired the Ethereum coding platform, Chainshot in 2022. The CW3D tool is open source, enabling contributions to build one’s own templates and components.

With its essential tools, the platform simplifies the creation of decentralized applications, taking only four minutes to build a dApp.

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Other projects building platforms for launching decentralized applications include Algorand, Cosmos, and Infura. Coinbase recently launched its Ethereum layer-2 network for decentralized applications, Base.

Alchemy’s goal is to provide developers with the infrastructure and tooling needed to support the building of the next generation of mainstream applications.

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