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Ethena Labs Updates Roadmap for ENA Token Growth and Stability

Ethena Labs Updates Roadmap for ENA Token Growth and Stability

Ethena Labs, the company behind Ethena Protocol synthetic dollar has taken huge strides in updating their roadmap and announcing several upcoming launches.

This move aims to reshape the future of ENA’s native coin and ensure that its ecosystem remains stable and grows over time.

As part of a major update in ENA tokenomics, users who gained ENA through campaigns like Shard Campaign have to lock at least 50% of tokens they can claim.

This shift is mean to make more money for long-term commitment rather than short-term ENA holders, a step that will encourage them since they know they won’t be able to get quick returns from their investments.

Unlocked tokens will be reallocated to eligible users based on fairness and community alignment. The exact details for the weekly vest process for ENA starting June 23rd will soon come out.

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Moreover, Ethena Labs is now setting up staking capabilities so that more value can be derived from holding ENA within the ecosystem as it integrates with Ethena Chain soon. By locking in freshly minted ENA onto DVN network LayerZero, these cross-chain transactions are secured against any possible attacks across protocols.

The updated roadmap underlines this financial infrastructural development that Ethena commits itself too. With USDe as gas token, upcoming financial applications would depend upon forthcoming Ethena Chain.

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