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Ethereum-Based DeFi Platform Struggles to Compete, According to a Recent Report

Ethereum-Based DeFi Platform Struggles to Compete, According to a Recent Report

According to Santiment, SUSHI's lackluster performance could be due to its inability to retain users and compete with other DeFi platforms.

Santiment, a crypto analytics firm, has reported a significant decline in the TVL of SushiSwap (SUSHI), an Ethereum-based DeFi altcoin, since November 2021.

The TVL of SUSHI has dropped by 93%, while the TVL of its competitor Uniswap (UNI) has only decreased by 63% over the same period.

Santiment’s latest findings suggest that SushiSwap’s unique active wallet count has plateaued while Uniswap’s count is steadily growing.


UNI’s growing number of unique active wallets and healthy protocol usage suggest a brighter outlook for the token.

Furthermore, the firm’s dormant circulation metric highlights a recent increase in dormant SUSHI coins, indicating that long-term investors are offloading their holdings. This pattern has previously signaled a steep drop in prices.

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The correlation between the supply of SUSHI on exchanges and the dormant circulation metric also supports the notion that long-term holders have chosen to divest their positions.

It is worth noting that the asset management giant Goldentree unstaked almost 6 million SUSHI tokens ($2.68 million) and transferred almost half of them to Binance.

The tokens were received at an average price of $1.24 in September, and October 2022 and then they were dedicated for staking. If the owner of the tokens decides to sell his holdings at the current price, he will be at a loss.

At the time of writting SUSHI is trading at $1.04 after a 14.2% weekly decline. The cryptocurrency’s current market cap is valued at $231.3 million, according to CoinMarketCap data.

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