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Ethereum Could Hit $10,000 by 2025, Expert Predicts

Ethereum Could Hit $10,000 by 2025, Expert Predicts

Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder, is boldly predicting the future of Ethereum (ETH) and the broader crypto markets.

Burniske correctly called the November 2022 digital asset bottom and believes that those waiting for a significant crypto correction will likely miss out on the action.

In a tweet to his 258,300 followers, Burniske said that the stage is set for a massive long-term rally in Ethereum. He sees Ethereum rising to a new all-time high and printing gains of over 438%. Burniske challenged the “haters” who have been negative on ETH at various price points, saying, “See ya at ETH $10,000.”

According to Burniske, he believes that ETH could hit his target in 2025. While short-term pullbacks are possible in broader crypto markets, Burniske doesn’t think the asset class will soon witness steep drawdowns.

He is optimistic about the crypto markets and believes they are likely poised for a rally:

Burniske also weighed in on the recent enforcement actions against big players in the space, like Binance. He said that the crackdown on crypto, while CBDCs get near prime time, is not a coincidence.

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However, he believes that antifragile systems will persist and flourish, and he thanks Uncle Sam for the free marketing that crypto is getting due to these actions.

Overall, Burniske’s outlook on Ethereum and the broader crypto markets is very positive. While he acknowledges that short-term pullbacks are possible, he believes that the asset class is poised for long-term growth and that those who wait for a significant correction may miss out on significant gains.

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