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Ethereum Could Surpass Bitcoin by Market Cap Next Bull Cycle – Coin Bureau

Ethereum Could Surpass Bitcoin by Market Cap Next Bull Cycle – Coin Bureau

In a recent interview on the CryptoBusy podcast, Guy Turner from Coin Bureau discussed his predictions for the future of Ethereum (ETH) and another altcoin, which he believes has significant room for growth.

Turner expects Ethereum to overtake Bitcoin (BTC) as the leading crypto by market cap. He noted that although this event would be significant, it is not as big a deal as some people believe, as the two cryptocurrencies serve different purposes.

“I guess the important thing about whether the flippening happens or not is that it isn’t a big deal. They have different roles. They’re doing different things, so [if] ETH flips BTC or doesn’t, it’s not really a big deal as far as I’m concerned.”

Turner is optimistic about Ethereum’s future due to its versatility and constant upgrades:

“I can only see Ethereum growing. I mean, it’s got so much market share at the moment. It is constantly evolving and finding new things, and we’ve already got this whole layer-2 ecosystem system built on top of it. I really do feel that Ethereum is going to be the base layer, the base chain.”

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In addition to Ethereum, Turner is closely watching Cosmos (ATOM), which he believes has yet to fulfill its potential:

“I still think ATOM has a long way to go… ATOM, in the last bull market, as I remember, I don’t think it fulfilled its potential yet by any means.”

At the time of writing, ETH is trading for $1,524, while ATOM is worth $13.48.

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