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Ethereum: Crypto Analyst Suggests Triggers That Could Propel the Price to $10,000

Ethereum: Crypto Analyst Suggests Triggers That Could Propel the Price to $10,000

According to Guy Turner, a cryptocurrency analyst from Coin Bureau, Ethereum (ETH) could reach a value of $10,000 during the next bullish market if certain triggers occur.

In his discussion, Turner highlights the significance of the beginning of the crypto journey and the potential for innovation in the field. He suggests that a killer app could emerge and boost a particular sector, resulting in a surge in the value of Ethereum.

Although he has no idea what this “killer app” could be, he believes that the possibilities of what crypto can achieve are vast and that a game-changing development could emerge in the GameFi or metaverse sector.

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Alternatively, Turner suggests that a less thrilling trigger, such as the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) by a major country, could also serve as a stimulus for cryptocurrency adoption.

In this case, if a big economy launches a CBDC with significant limitations on usage, people may turn to other options like Bitcoin, which are not subject to such restrictions.

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