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Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin Calls for Simpler Interfaces to Improve UX and Adoption

Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin Calls for Simpler Interfaces to Improve UX and Adoption

In 2023 there are still not that many blockchain platforms that could directly compare to Ethereum let alone surpass it.

According to a recent blog post by Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum (ETH), there is still room for improvement in the platform’s user experience (UX), particularly when it comes to transaction inclusion.

Buterin advocates for simple and robust user interfaces (UI) over fancy and sleek ones, stating that good user experience is not only about the average case but also the worst case.

He believes that a clean and sleek UI that causes big problems 0.723% of the time is worse than a UI that exposes more gritty details to the user but makes it easier to understand and fix any issues that arise.

Buterin also notes that high transaction fees and an imperfect UX are pushing Ethereum users towards centralized solutions instead of on-chain decentralized ones.

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Despite significant improvements in user experience, with the average transaction time reducing from minutes to seconds after EIP-1559, Buterin insists that more needs to be done.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at $1,567 without any significant movement in the past 24 hours.

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